Dancer Finds Dream Home

The very first time I spoke to Geoff, I knew we would be friends, there is something to be said about good old-fashioned niceness. I had called to arrange a time for an appraisal but an hour later knew where we could go if I was ever to convince Pete to go dancing, a new remedy for stubborn colds and lots more about life in general. I don’t know about you but there is a certain age that most people consider to be old, admittedly when I was a lot younger I thought the same, but now I have experienced that age really is just a number. I have always believed that there is a purpose for people of all ages in our lives and especially those older which means much much more experienced than ourselves. We think that we know and if we don’t we can google it, but its invaluable to have older people as friends and I was blessed to meet this lovely gentleman that we now both consider as a friend.

We went to Geoff’s home to do an appraisal as he was wanting to sell his home of some years and look at moving to the country.  This was a very big decision and we knew that a lot of thought and consideration had gone into it, after all Geoff had not only lived here for many years but had been renovating, made a lovely garden full of everything including self-sustainable vegetable and herb garden and he just loved to dance, dance, dance so he frequently went all over this part of town and even further  for dances in his beloved MX5’s. This move would be even further than that.

Now remember what I said about the old thing, this gentleman is retired but one of his bedrooms was a fully equipped gym.  I thought possibly there was someone else staying there, oops! It was Geoff’s gym alright! Dancing and Gym, showed us younger ones a thing or two about exercise, no wonder he was so fit.

So, Geoff had started to renovate, some lovely barn doors, a snazzy bathroom, painting and some lovely timber floors revealed when the coverings were pulled up, someone had been working hard indeed. When we met Geoff, he was planning to finish the renovations, there were quite a few smaller things left as well as a big garden tidy up. As soon as Pete saw the place he got excited, no not just to sell the house, but to help Geoff go through this process the best way possible and he sure does know his stuff. As we went through the houseroom by room, Pete made a list, he just kept on writing and writing, I thought it was all the jobs that needed doing to prepare for sale and yes there was some of that but Pete had other plans.

We sat down and chatted to Geoff, we got to know him a little more and he us, we got to understand where he was at and what he really needed, it was a little different to what Geoff and to be honest I was expecting. Pete talked about some things which needed doing like taking the old pergola roof sheets off to let in the light, cleaning up the garden and getting rid of unwanted items outside to tidy it all up and a few other things. I was waiting for the polish the floorboards, etc etc but there was a plan. Sometimes during renovations, a vendor can leave no “hope” in the property for the new purchasers, they were all cosmetic things so the advice was to leave it and allow the new owners to choose their styles and colours. Geoff and I thought that was a great idea, everyone agreed.

Now to the work left to do, we suggested someone reliable to help Geoff for a few days so it wouldn’t be too much for him, we appraised the house, discussed selling options and decided on private treaty, a timeframe, price and the contract was signed. Then came the fun stuff, we talked about so many things, Geoff showed us the new dream home he was looking at in the country and it was stunning. it was a fully renovated immaculate period home on lots of land, perfect! We talked décor, furniture, one of my favourite topics, we showed each other photos, had a great time. Most of all though, we made a friend, we do enjoy our time and admittedly make friends with most people we work for but Geoff was great.

It was almost Grand Final weekend so we put the first open off until that, by that time the work had been completed and boy did it look great, the flowers were in bloom and Geoff especially loved all the light coming in all down one side of the house that used to have the pergola covered. When we popped in a couple of days before that, Geoff was beaming, his hard work and effort had paid off and he even commented “why am I moving from here” but then he took me over to the kitchen where he had a picture of the new dream home and said, “It’s ok, this is why I’m moving” Wonderful I said, we were so happy for him.

From day one Geoff and I had a joke about the place needing a woman’s touch so on open day I took a few scented candles in lovely holders to match his décor and the place was complete and ready to sell. Two opens later it was sold, now Geoff could get serious about his dream home and go for it. Geoff, his Gym, two Mazda MX5’s and his dancing shoes were officially off to the country. He was going right where he needed to be.

I saw Geoff again a couple of weeks later and caught up on the progress, there was new furniture bought, storage sorted, plans made, even got a great couch from a friend that would suit that house perfectly. As we sat together and had look at all the photos and of course had another look at the house online, my heart was warmed, I could see in Geoff’s eyes that he was going right where he needed to be, he was happy, I had heard it in his voice over the phone over the last couple of weeks but the smile said it all. Not only that, with the price he got for the sale of the house he was heading oversaes and his friends were even going to be there at the same time and one of his good friends grew up in the country town he was moving to, it just all fit in place and we both agreed, yes, this dancer had found his dream home.

We can’t wait to visit, Geoff has kindly invited us to stay and we will.

Here’s to your new season in life Geoff, thank you for allowing us to be part of it