A Family Affair

A very sweet lady was looking for a new home, her Father had passed away and it was time for a change. We spent some time getting to know her and her family, they told us abut their precious Dad, that he had built the family home with his own hands after he had returned home from World War 2. The siblings talked fondly of their father and his hard work especially in creating not just a house but a home, this was very evident by the love we could see between brother and sisters. The family bonded together to help find and purchase a new residence, what a joy for us as Real Estate together to see family supporting, encouraging and loving each other. Well done, a lovely example to all of us. Many people were interested but Lois got her home. Little did we know we had come across such a passionate creative lady. We got to see her work, we had never seen anything like it before, we encouraged her to keep making beautiful things and sharing them with the world. This place was meant for Lois, she is very happy and once again we were honored to help with the transition and blessed to get to know the family. The best is yet to come lovely lady.