Spring Selling Tips & Tricks – Always Hire PROFESSIONALS

You’ve chosen your agent to list a property and got it on the market, but just because the for sale sign is out the front and your listing is online, the sale of your home is far from done...

The ‘Open Home Inspection’ is the make or break part, where the agents image seen online or on the pretty board on the front fence is tested out by potential buyers, and if the agent that’s greeting your potential purchasers at the front door doesn’t live up to it, you can forget about making a sale! “We could have 25 or 30 groups through, so up to a 100 people sometimes coming to an inspection at any one time,” says Peter. Getting a professional agent with a huge friendly welcome & smile is the bare minimum requirement today...How do they make the customers feel when they arrive? Are your potential buyers treated with the care and respect they deserve after their effort of time to attend the property inspection? “While superior sales performance is a key outcome for the agent, the dedication to help people transition through significant life changes for the better should be at the heart of the motivation” – says Peter.

Selling / Buying a home is always a symptom of something significant happening in an individual’s or family’s life. Understanding this means I can have the right conversations to find the stress free solution that the Buyer truly needs, including achieving the best financial outcome and more. I then work with everyone involved in the real estate transaction to guide them through to beginning the next phase of their life. People, family and community health are a focus when it comes to property. When you get this right, achieving the best result for the vendors property is a given.

Learn about the current value of your property or ask for advice on how to improve the value of your property before you sell, learn how Peter guides vendors, buyers and tenants through life changes to achieve the best possible outcomes to transition positively to the next phase of their life. Peter would love an opportunity to have a conversation with you today.

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