Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping people transition through significant life changes for the better when selling their home.

About Peter and Elizabeth

Peter Dodd and Elizabeth Mazeva(Liz) are experienced and trusted real estate agents as much as they are life transition agents.

A couple in real estate and in life, they work as a team to offer unique support to help vendors achieve their goals and more. 

Multi Award Winner – AGENT OF THE YEAR

Peter has more than 20 years’ experience as a sales professional.

With his recent amazing sales results of personally selling over 100+ properties in the last few years with record sale prices...He has received multiple Real Estate Awards for his sales negotiation skills, knowledge and enthusiasm.

His honesty and drive to always do the "right thing by the client" has earned him the utmost respect and trust of many of his peers in the industry. With his caring and personable nature, Peter works closely with each of his clients to ensure a successful and rewarding experience. All clients have established complete trust & confidence plus praised Peter for his personal integrity and pleasant character while conducting their real estate business.

Selling a home is always a symptom of something significant happening in an individual’s or family’s life. Understanding this means we can have the right conversations to find the holistic solution that our vendor or seller truly needs, including achieving the best financial outcome and more. We then work with everyone involved in the real estate transaction to guide them through to beginning the next phase of their life. People, family and community health are a focus for us when it comes to property. When you get this right, achieving the best price for the property is a given.
— Shared sentiment from Peter and Liz

Peter has won several awards including Agent of the Year presented by ratemyagent.com.au. Prior to real estate Peter reached the pinnacle of a career focused on training ambitious career sales people. His integrity, enthusiasm and drive to always do the right thing by his clients has earned him utmost respect and trust among his clients and his peers. 

I’ve experienced the whirlwind that goes with training hyper ambitious sales people. I’ve had amazing professional moments. I’ve reached a stage in my life, where I want to give back and help other people achieve the very best life that their circumstances can offer them. Real estate as a channel for working with people through the challenges that life changes bring, means I can do exactly that, with Elizabeth at my side.


Elizabeth brings a wealth of experience in business development and sales, and is highly respected by her peers. She has also dedicated years of her life to selfless pastoral care work around the world, demonstrating her life long commitment to enriching people's lives. 

Real estate allows us to give back - to offer our expertise to achieve a great property outcome for our vendors. But it’s much more than that. We’re experienced negotiators and want to use this in a compassionate way. Peter and I feel that we have a natural affinity - a calling - for identifying and offering a helping hand through life’s hurdles. It’s why we love what we do. We’ve played a part in some wonderful human stories where we’ve been able to turn dire circumstances into a chance for a better future. We’ve also helped investors achieve financial goals that allow them to live the lifestyle they aspire to, and we’ve helped young families sell homes they’ve outgrown so they can continue to nurture family in a more spacious property. The stories are always different, and we look forward to being a part of a next chapter in someone’s life.

It is the many chapters of experience in Peter and Liz's life that has brought them to property. Peter worked as a project manager in the building industry for more than a decade where he deepened his knowledge of building. He took this building knowledge and creative flair and specialised in renovating residential properties to achieve the best sales price. Peter and Elizabeth can offer expert advice on where to prioritise home improvements to achieve the best financial outcome. 

Doing the right thing, for everyone involved in a real estate transaction, is what Peter and Liz are all about. You'll feel their warmth and genuine interest in you from the moment you meet them.

We would recommend Peter with his professionalism and sound knowledge of the market. Peter’s communication and follow up to the purchasing of our property was first class.
— Thanks Travis & Natalie Frankston - ratemyagent.com.au

What We've Achieved

  • Rate My Agent 2017 Agent of the Year - Frankston North

  • Personally listed sold 100 plus properties

  • #1 Sales Agent for Professionals Group on the eastern seaboard 2017